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Network Expansion

Clover Telecom has been supporting communications networks since 2001 with a core focus on delivering solutions across multiple technologies and hundreds of manufacturer platforms. Our technical abilities and operations expertise provides the necessary scale and resources to support all your network expansion needs.

  • New, surplus, refurbished, and used telecom equipment, Up to 90% Off List Price
  • Thousands of customers in 80 countries worldwide including Tier 1 carriers, Cable MSOs, Fortune 500/1000 enterprises, and government entities
  • More than 100,000 square feet of facilities for managing multi-vendor configuration and assembly services
  • Field Services including installation and decommissioning of network equipment
Equipment Supply
Forward Logistics
Configuration & Assembly
Field Services
Equipment Supply

Clover Telecom provides refurbished and new surplus networking products for communications infrastructure applications including voice, data, video and multimedia. Thousands of companies, in 80 countries around the world, including leading telecommunication service providers, rural carriers, cable MSOs, large and small businesses rely on Clover Telecom to deliver high quality products for reduced prices.

Whether you need to expand your network capacity, migrate your network to next generation products, or prepare for disaster recovery, we have the equipment you need – with savings of up to 90% off manufacturer prices.

Partner Trade-in Programs.
Through Clover Telecom, you can trade-in your used equipment for a credit towards the purchase of new equipment from leading manufacturers, helping you save on the costs to upgrade your network.

Extensive Multi-Manufacturer Inventory.
We maintain more than 100,000 square feet of warehouse space and one of the secondary market industry’s largest inventories. Products are quality-tested, packaged, and can often be shipped overnight.

The Highest Quality. Guaranteed.
Our Network Integration Experts meticulously inspect every piece of equipment before it ships with a warranty guarantee.

A Turnkey Solution.
Our experienced sales and technical teams will work with you to determine the right product to meet your needs in the most cost-effective way. We also offer installation, de-installation, and network integration support.

Asset Recovery.
Clover Telecom pays high market value for your used and surplus equipment, and can provide you de-installation, consignment, and shipping services.

Forward Logistics

Today’s carriers are continually upgrading and expanding their networks with equipment from a complex network of equipment manufacturers and supply chain partners. Equipment deployments can be challenging on a number of fronts:

  • Material Planning
  • Vendor Management
  • Visibility to Asset Allocations Across Numerous Projects
  • Equipment Chain of Custody
  • Data Capture
  • Delays / Cost Overrun

Clover Telecom offers a wide variety of powerful Forward Logistics Services that help carriers manage a complex supply chain, maintain visibility of all assets and react to changing build-out plans. These services include:

Vendor / Asset Management

Over 100,000 sq. ft. of space centrally located in Coppell, TX

Shipping & Receiving:
Clover Telecom processes over 100,000 parts per month

Data Capture:
ERP system captures unlimited attributes at the serial level

Testing & Configuration:
Custom configure and test equipment prior to deployment.

Online Customer Portal

Cloud Based:
Access our portal anytime, anywhere

View Assets:
Search functionality allows complete visibility to all equipment in your Forward Logistics Program

Material Ship Request:
Deploy assets anywhere in the world

Approval Matrix:
Customizable approval matrices

Reduce idle assets and ensure new and re-allocated equipment arrives just in time


Project Costing:
Allocate equipment costs to the project they were deployed to support

Customized Reports:
Leverage Clover Telecom’s thorough data capture information to create customized reports

Configuration & Assembly

Clover Telecom maintains more than 100,000 square feet of facilities designed to manage your multi-vendor configuration and assembly services. We can provide you complete supply chain management from material forecast planning to order processing and equipment staging - all dedicated to help you divert costly set up, labor, and infrastructure that are required to complete configuration and assembly projects.

In addition, our facility is supported by technicians trained across numerous technologies with the ability to complete product installation and system level testing based on your network deployment requirements. In fact, Clover Telecom has configured, assembled and tested more than 7,000 telecom equipment cabinets and has yet to receive a single return.

Clover Telecom has been supporting communications networks since 2001 with a core focus on delivering solutions across multiple technologies and hundreds of manufacturer platforms. Our technical abilities and operations expertise can provide the necessary scale and resources to support your future cabinet or rack integration projects.

Services Include:

Dedicated Project Management

  • Material Forecast Planning
  • Weekly Build Status Reporting
  • Development of Risk Mitigation and Method of Procedure

Materials Management

  • Order Processing
  • Vendor Coordination
  • Product Receiving and Staging
  • Product Tracking and Reporting

Technical Services

  • Product QA and Installation
  • Complete Frame/Cabinet Integration
  • System Wire and Test
  • Documented Test Results
Field Services

Whether you are upgrading, reacting to changes in corporate infrastructure, such as mergers, acquisitions, relocations or downsizing, our team of Network Integration Experts (NIE) are qualified to safely and reliably perform telecom equipment installation and de-installation services. Clover Telecom has provided full site and telecom equipment de-installation services for Tier 1 nationwide carriers, Fortune 500 companies, and government entities, including:

  • Completed over 2,000 site de-installations in over 37 states
  • more than 200 Central Office, MTSO, and Data Center De-Installations
  • Base Station Installation project for 2010 Winter Olympics in Canada
  • Completed 150 site installations of microwave radios

Services Include:

Site Surveys/Project Planning/Engineering
Collaborate with customer team to develop pre-project plan and engineering requirements.

Project Management
Support from the initial plan to the final close-out of the project.

Pre-Construction Activities
Navigating resource requirements and regulations (FCC, Environmental, Local, etc.) for a seamless end-to-end turn-up.

Cell Site Construction
Bringing sites on-air meeting all quality requirements while maintaining low site costs.

Small Cell Construction
Expand coverage and increase network capacity. Work done within the right-of-way (ROW) and placed on structures like utility poles and streetlights.

Raw Land Construction
Gravel, concrete and foundation services to full site builds.

Tower Construction and Modifications
Offering a complete line of construction services for guyed towers, self-supporting towers, and monopoles.

Rooftop Construction
Rooftop tower designs insuring minimal intrusion to the host building while delivering maximum performance from the installation.

Turnkey Microwave Solutions
Spectrum clearing, radio installation and testing, installation of antenna systems, alignment and optimization, waveguide sweeping, and commissioning.

Fiber Optic Construction
Working with Aerial or Underground, Cellular backhaul or FTTx projects.

Fiber Optic Ancillary Services
Fiber Splicing, OTDR testing, and power meter testing.

Network Preventative Maintenance and Repair
Mobilizing to keep your network operating at its highest efficiency.

Equipment services conforming to all certification and site requirements.

Site Restoration
Working in Tier 1 Central Office, MSO, Data Centers, Tower Sites, and Warehouse facilities completing restoration to landlord/carrier requirements.