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Mission & Core Values

To provide our customers with industry-leading telecommunications products and services that reduce capital and operating expenses while maximize their return on assets.

Clover Telecom’s Core Values

Clover Telecom’s core values are the building blocks upon which we have built our business. They are embodied in the way we manage our business, treat our employees, and serve our valued customers.

Relentless Customer Commitment
Clover Telecom’s number one priority is serving our customers. Every person within our organization is focused on understanding our customers' needs and ensuring an outstanding customer experience

Superior Quality and Value
Clover Telecom works diligently to improve quality of service and value by capturing and evolving with market needs, applying information systems, and streamlining service and distribution processes.

Environmental Stewardship
Clover Telecom is steadfastly committed to conserving natural resources and preserving our environment while providing our customers with total environmental solutions.