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Asset Disposition

Managing assets as they move through their lifecycle can be an extreme challenge for network operators. Clover Telecom offers a wide variety of services that allow network operators to regain control and maximize the value of their assets.

  • Scale, equipment inventory, facilities, lab and operational expertise to handle all aspects of reconfiguration, redeployment and disposition
  • Redeploy over 600,00 pieces of network equipment from over 300 manufacturers annually
  • Network Valuation and Audit Services
  • Buyback and Consignment Programs
Buyback & Consignment
Reverse Logistics
Network Valuation & Network Audit

As networks evolve, network operators are turning down old network elements and turning up new technologies. This leads to a continual cycle of obsoleting equipment that needs to be decommissioned and processed.

Leveraging a nationwide network of qualified, trained and certified technicians, Clover Telecom offers a wide variety of nationwide services supporting network operators as they move through their equipment lifecycles.

Clover Telecom’s Decommissioning Services Include:

Equipment Removal
Central Office, Switching Center, Cellsite & Hub Site Removals.

Logistics Coordination
Scheduling of transportation, packaging and specialized equipment for the safe removal of assets.

Data Capture
Detailed audit of equipment allowing customer to capture all relevant information about the assets including serial numbers, condition and asset tags.

Redeploy assets to support networks in different regions.

In the event that decommissioned assets are no longer useful to the network operator, Clover Telecom offers the following:

Make a cash offer to purchase surplus assets.

Move surplus assets into a revenue shareprogram whereby Clover Telecom sells your surplus assets on your behalf and sends you a monthly check.

If the surplus assets are of no use to the customer and do not have resale value, Clover Telecom can recycle your assets with an R2 Certified Recycler.

Buyback & Consignment

Having a reliable, repeatable and cost effective process for dispositioning assets when they have completed their useful life in the network is critical for today’s network operators. Without a process and partner in place, carriers face a myriad of challenges including:

  • Loss of inventory visibility
  • Inaccurate cost / depreciation accounting
  • Unnecessary handling & storage costs
  • Loss of revenue from potential resale of obsolete / excess material

Clover Telecom has 13+ years experience working worldwide to create customized Buyback and Consignment programs for network operators. Working collaboratively with our Customers’ Operations, Finance, Management, and Planning Teams, Clover Telecom is able to design programs that satisfy the unique needs of all stakeholders.

Clover Telecom processes 300,000 consignment assets annually and has generated over $15 Million in returns to our consignment partners to-date.

Benefits of Partnering with Clover Telecom:

Industry Knowledge
Market analytic tools enable Clover Telecom to market your assets for the highest return possible

Experienced Sales Staff
Over 25 experienced salespeople focused on selling your excess equipment globally

Project Management Team
Single point of contact to coordinate all material flows, logistics and complex removals

Logistics Network & Experience
Leverage Clover Telecom’s logistics network to reduce costs and ensure the efficient transfer of assets into a consignment program

Reverse Logistics

Clover Telecom’s Reverse Logistics Services are designed to help carriers reduce CAPEX by reusing or repurposing existing network elements. This is a critical need for network operators as manufacturers terminate supply and support for network elements that still have a useful network life.

Clover Telecom’s Reverse Logistics Services Include:

Equipment Removal
Warehouse, Central Office, Switching Center, Cellsite & Hub Site Removals

Logistics Coordination
Scheduling of transportation, packaging and specialized equipment for the safe removal of assets

Rebuild network elements so that they can be repurposed back into the network

Have all assets tested and warrantied through Clover Telecom

Stock & Deploy
Receive, inventory and redeploy previously deployed assets

Clover Telecom redeploys over 600,000 network equipment elements from over 300 manufacturers annually.


Technology migration often involves the decommissioning of network assets and their redeployment into other areas of the carrier’s network. Prior to redeployment, equipment typically needs reconfiguration and retesting to ensure the equipment is suitable for the new application.

Clover Telecom is uniquely prepared to handle all aspect of reconfiguration projects with our scale, equipment inventory, facilities, lab and operational expertise.

Clover Telecom Reconfiguration Services Include:

  • Decommissioning
  • Equipment Assessment and Inventory
  • Methods of Procedure Writing
  • Project Design
  • Equipment Provision of All Core or Ancillary Parts
  • Material Forecast Planning
  • Weekly Build Status Reporting
  • Product QA and Installation
  • Complete Frame/Cabinet Integration
  • System Wire and Test
  • Documented Test Results
  • Logistics and Reinstallation
Network Valuation & Network Audit

Managing Assets as they move through their lifecycle can be a challenge and distraction for network operators. Visibility to which assets are deployed, where they are deployed and when they are deployed is often lost through mergers, acquisitions, 3rd party activities and aggressive build out initiatives.

The negative impact of this loss of visibility is felt monetarily and operationally through:

  • Improper network valuation statements in company financials
  • Improper depreciation calculations
  • CAPEX waste; purchasing assets you already have that are idle and unaccounted
  • OPEX waste; overpayment on vendor support contracts
  • Loss and theft

Clover Telecom offers a wide variety of services that enable network operators to regain control of their assets.

Network Valuation & Network Audit Services Include:

Mark to Market
Leverage Clover Telecom’s market analytics tools to value your assets at today’s market values

Network Audit
Deploy audit teams to your facilities to audit all assets and their status

Valuation Forecasting
Understand the near to mid-term financial impacts to network migration. Clover Telecom can help forecast the anticipated valuation of those network elements upon their forecasted removal dates so that you can have a clearer view of how those changes will impact financials.